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A Personal Carrier with Unimaginable Versatility, the applications are endless .....

Highly recommended

Does everything it claims! Ski gear is clumsy and this makes getting to and from the mountain a breeze. This one simple strap keeps the family's gear organized so we can get on and off the slopes without the typical meltdowns. 


I love my CinchSling!

What a difference it makes for getting my board to the beach comfortably.  It’s great that way its wraps around your waist, like a belt. That is what really sets it apart from the other two board carriers I own (the Hook and Longhaul). 

Susie Moon

Best solution out there. Love it.

Great. Super simple. Very quick to install. Carries multiple pairs of skis. No hook and loop/ velcro to wear out. Carry as a belt is convenient. 



Easy to use. Love that I can carry my skiis and my daughters with one strap!

M. D. Rispole

I love this carrier

I love this carrier, especially at the end of the day. It makes a five block walk (and back) so much easier, especially on icy sidewalk with ski boots on. It's so much easier than carrying skis on my shoulder. Reduces the wear on a ski jacket too


On in seconds, wear it into water

Other applications for CinchSling

The Sliding Simplicity is elegant, beautiful and powerful

Our Story

As told in the words of CinchSling's Founder.

CinchSling (formally M_Sling) started its life as I was sitting in surf lineup observing a lady dragging (sanding) her longboard across the shore. I knew the moment I saw her that I could fix her problem and take the suffering out of her surfing. You see, I used to surf a heavy 9'3" surfboard at Bolsa Chica beach, known for its strong side currents, and I too had to lug my longboard a long way. After buying “Velcro” strap at Home Depot and webbing at Sports Chalet, I eventually figured out a surfboard carry strap that could also convert to a belt which I could also wear in the water (over my wetsuit).  The longboard lug problem was solved! And with the launching of CinchSling it can now be shared with others, which includes You!

But, ...... CinchSling is not limited to surfing!