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M_SUP carry strap is a Patented (Halloween 2017 - our treat to you). Carry Different - SUP Carry Strap unlike any other!  It wraps a SUP in one location, the middle, in mere seconds and cinches the SUP firmly in place - gravity and weight of the SUP do all the work. It is so easy to put on and use you'll actually use it. This alone sets it apart from all the other two carry strap products - but it gets better. It can go with you in the water - you wear it over your wetsuit like a belt. Why? Because where you get it out of the water is not where you got in. Why would you want to lug your SUPback up the beach to get your SUP carrier? CinchSling allows it to go with you and is available for use the moment you exit the water? 

It is made from Polypropylene so if a wave decides to "washing machine" you; it will float. 

One size fits all from a 10-year-old child to an adult male (6' 3" or perhaps taller).

Fits a Standup Paddle Board 36" wide by 5" thick

Waist size: 25" to 51" when in a folded position and up to 98" unfolded.