Take the Suffering out of Surfing

McSling is a single strap surfboard sling. It's simple design makes it easy to carry a surfboard from your home or car to the shore. Once at the waters edge the single strap then wraps around your waist like a belt and goes with you into the water (and no you won't notice it). It avoids theft and going back to your entry point when your surf session is done. You simply exit the water, undo the belt, wrap your board and off you go. What could be easier?

Choose the surfboard width for what works in the water not what your arm can wrap. Its adjustable so one size fits all from adults to children - both big and small one product fits them all.


  • Wraps surfboard up to 24" wide @ 3" thick
  • Folded belt waist size: 22" to 44"
  • Unfolded belt waist size: 44" to 65"
Proudly Made in the USA

    Instructions to use McSling

    …. or just look at the logo for how to wrap the surfboard